Respect My Beautiful Counseling & Consulting offers:

Respect My Beautiful Counseling & Consulting

Our Vision
To empower, encourage, and enlighten as many lives as humanly possible.

Our Mission

In a safe, non-judgmental, and comfortable environment, we are dedicated to providing mental health services that promote healing, growth, and well-being. Our compassionate team of diverse women offer guidance, effective strategies, and valuable education to young girls and women that we serve, empowering them to enhance their quality of life. We believe in fostering resilience, self-acceptance, and personal growth as we support individuals on their journey to mental wellness. Through our commitment to creating a nurturing space, we strive to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of our clients.


  • We are dedicated to helping, encouraging, empowering, enlightening, and educating the people that we serve
  • We promise to serve in a respectful, honest, effective, efficient, and ethical manner
  • We provide the best mental health services to those that we serve to the best of our knowledge, education, and training

Our Counseling Services
There are several forms of counseling: individual, couples, group, teletherapy,  family, and marriage. Counseling is a process where the therapist and client(s) build a therapeutic relationship. In these sessions, the therapist teaches the client(s) new strategies and techniques to alleviate any symptoms that may be interfering with daily functioning.

Our Consulting Services
We also offer a variety of consulting services to organizations and agencies in support of helping groups of people find answers to their psychological challenges. We can create programs, webinars, training programs, workshops, and online classes to help organizations better support the needs of target populations. 

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